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Back to Basics - How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe
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Back to Basics - How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe

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Ever since Marie Kondo released “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, the world has gone wild for minimalism in our daily lives, more specifically, in our wardrobes. You may have even seen Marie Kondo’s newest series on Netflix. Don’t have time to binge watch an entire series on reducing clutter? Don’t worry, we’ve highlighted the top five steps to create your perfect capsule wardrobe.

Before we get started, you might be wondering what a capsule wardrobe is. a capsule wardrobe is one that consists of essential clothing items, that can be mixed and matched, (30-40 pieces) that you enjoy wearing on a daily basis. Having a capsule wardrobe simplifies your everyday, clearing space not only in your closet but also your mind.

Here are our five top tips on how to create your perfect capsule wardrobe:

1. Clean out - clear out
This is perhaps the most daunting part of creating your capsule wardrobe but the most essential step. Take everything out of your closet and only put back what you have worn in the past six months. The best way to do this is by sections. Start small with socks and undergarments and move your way up from there. 

Something to keep in mind: You can always donate unused items if they are in good condition.No need to be wasteful or feel guilty - they are going to a good home.

2. Choose your basics.

Now that you’ve cleared a majority of your closet, let’s pare it down one more time. Make sure you choose to keep items you love and items you can consider your base wardrobe. Always consider how the items will mix and match.

Something to keep in mind: The rule of three. If you’re having difficulty choosing what to keep, follow the rule of threes. Three blouses, three pairs of pants (including jeans), three sweaters, and so on. 

A simple black maxi dress is perfect for any capsule wardrobe.

3. Think about the weather. 

Now that you have your basics down, it’s time to think about the seasons. Try to choose items that are versatile between all seasons. Layering a Summer Sweater under a fall jacket or coat is the perfect way to make sure you get good use out of your entire wardrobe. 

Something to keep in mind: Do you live in a climate with pretty extreme hot and cold (I’m talking to you east coast)? You may need to have two capsule wardrobes with some items that will cross-over.

4. Accessorize.
Now that you have your base, use accessories to change up your looks! Find the best scarves, shoes, and jewelry in your collection and limit your accessories, as well. We have all been plagued with the task of untangling our necklaces and bracelets. Pick your favorite pieces for everyday. Pieces reserved for more special occasions can find their place in the safe. 

Something to keep in mind: You can apply the seasonal rule to accessories as well. Be sure to keep a few favorite scarves and winter boots for the cooler months.

Love statement pieces? Keep a few on hand in our capsule wardrobe to add something special to your basics.

Image courtesy of Laura Madden @iamlauramadden

5. Organize and take care of your clothing. 

Now that you have identified your essentials, it’s time to organize (yay!) and there are so many ways of doing so. One of our favorite ways to organize is first by color starting with light to dark. Next, is by length of the garment (i.e. tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves).

Something to keep in mind: In addition to keeping your wardrobe organized you’ll have to maintain proper care of your pieces as well. Find a good tailor, read the care instructions, and when in doubt, hang dry.

6. Fill in the gaps.

Now the fun part, you get to go shopping! Often when we have a million items in our closet, we can’t see the essentials that we are missing - the perfect black dress, white tee, or jean jacket have been alluding us. Make a list of items that are the missing pieces in your wardrobe and go out and find them.

Something to keep in mind: Invest in quality. If you are going to be wearing fewer items more, it makes sense economically to spend a little more on something you love that will last.

Want to get started on creating your capsule wardrobe? We’ve got all of your bases covered. Shop your capsule wardrobe at sarahliller.com.